Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Year That Was, Pt. 1

While sifting through boxes, I came across my "2010 Goals" list stuffed into a box full of important papers and other junk. Sadly, not one of those goals were met. Now, I made this list around this time last year, and most of them still apply, but as I reflect back on the year that was 2010, I accomplished a LOT of other goals I had set for myself prior.

My 2010 Goals:

1. Illustrate 3 Children's Books.

Not only did I not illustrate 3 children's books, but I didn't even illustrate one. I had my first book lined up and ready to go when the author decided to use someone closer to them that they have known for a while. I totally understand the thinking behind this, but I was pretty disappointed to lose out on this one. I do have a book that is written and ready to be done, the trick lies in getting the time to do it, as it doesn't pay upfront. I also have 3 more to write myself, the ideas are there, again, just not the time. Hopefully, 2011 will bring either the time or the opportunity to allow me at least one book.

2. Finish at least 1 issue of a comic book.

Again, time was my enemy on this one. I did get the time to iron out a definitive story for one of my properties, which excites me, but the fact that I didn't get to finish even a 5 page story makes me sad.

3. Complete an animated short.

This one looked like it was going to happen as well, then April rolled around and I got laid off. My priorities quickly changed from being able to do things in my spare time to having to do things that PAY in all the time I have.

4. Have Illustrations published in a magazine.

Ok, this one I can live with, due to a few things that DID happen, and some things that ARE GOING to happen in 2011.

5. Learn to paint.

I DID try this one. I also DID complete one painting this year for a friend...on the side of a giant trash can. I was actually pretty happy with the result, seeing as how I'm not a good painter to begin with.

6. Design a toy.

Another one I thought was going to happen, but then the client went with another designer (again!). To the guys at Levlr, you KNOW you want the badger to be a toy, you just know it (make it happen, lol).

7. Lose 50 pounds.

Yeah, it's ALWAYS on my list. And I got half way there...then began to eat crap again, and gained most of it back. Ah...the never ending battle.

That's the list. So close with some of them, not so much with others. However, a lot of things DID happen in 2010, stay tuned later in the week to see part 2. Thanks for reading!

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